Upcoming Concerts

Fall-Winter-Spring Concerts for 2012-13

All concerts including Barry Green solo bassist and the

Green Man Group bass ensemble with assisting artists

Next Concert: June 10th, 2012
Barry Green, Double Bass Soloist
Principle Guest Artists: Kathryn Hatmaker-Violin, SD Symphony, Director of Art, ELan Serios;
Queen Bee’s Tango Dancers Michael Saltus and Karina Ortiz
Bass Ensemble: Peggy Johnston, Andres Martin, Scott Worthington, Sayuri Yamamoto; Capoeira Quilombo;
Keyboard: Paul Kenyon; Percussion: Mark Lamson


Middle East Conflict: Klezmer meets Arab Neighbors: Sept 30, 2012
Middle-Earth Ensemble and Nationally acclaimed belly dancer: Rachel
plus Yiddish singer Debbie Davis from Second Ave Klezmer Ensemble and assisting artists.



Folk Wars: The Irish meet The Europeans, Feb 10, 2013
Flamenco guitarist Oscar Aragon, and dancer Rocio Carrera plus singer, and Irish dance champions from Clan Rince School, Guest Polish bassist Evona Wascinski and assisting artists.



Music and Dance: North America meets South America, June 2, 2013
Guest Argentine solo bassist Andres Martin plus SD jazz bassist Rob Thorsen with guitarist/vocalist Steph Johnson, Queen Bee’s dancers Michael Saltus, Karina Ortiz and more: Jazz, funk, blues vs. Tango, Samba, Cha Cha